NFT collection Batonis
We have prepared a demo project with NFTs, check it out! https://nft.batonis.tech/
Launching Our Own NFT Project
Nowadays, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become a real trend in the world of technology and art. We are excited to share our experience in launching our own NFT project and to talk about how our company has succeeded in this sphere.

We decided to create an NFT collection featuring our agency's mascot – Baton. He's a cheerful corgi in glasses who never gets bored and serves as a symbol of our company.
Baton NFT Collection
On our website, we've developed an interactive roulette offering users to get one of three rarity levels of Baton NFTs:

Common Baton – this is an image of our cute corgi with glasses, reflecting his cheerful character.

Rare Baton – here, Baton is featured in a stylish suit, which makes him even more charming and unique.

Legendary Baton – in this NFT, Baton is depicted against a picturesque landscape, making it truly unique and valuable.
Creating Baton NFTs: Using the DALL-E Neural Network
The process of creating unique and high-quality images of Baton was achieved using the DALL-E neural network.

The Baton NFTs turned out to be vibrant and memorable – they elicit interest and delight among users.
The website's frontend was developed using React.js - a popular and powerful JavaScript library that allows for the creation of interactive and dynamic web applications.

The website's backend is based on Node.js - a JavaScript runtime environment that makes it possible to develop high-performance server applications. This technology enabled us to ensure fast and reliable operation of our NFT project.

As for the creation of NFTs, we chose the Polygon blockchain due to its high performance and low fees. Our project was deployed on the Mumbai testnet, which allowed us to conduct all necessary tests and optimization before launching on the main network. To successfully mint, you need to connect a Metamask wallet and receive Batonis tokens.

Considering the complexity of the task and the use of advanced technologies, we are proud that we were able to successfully implement the project in just one week. This is a testament to the professionalism of our team and our ability to quickly adapt to new challenges and market trends.
We want to demonstrate our skills and show that launching an NFT project is easier than it seems, so the project is completely open-source.

If you are interested in studying the source code, you can find it on GitHub at the following link: https://github.com/Batonis-Tech/Batonis-Open-Projects.
Visit our website and try your luck – you might just be the one to win the legendary Baton!
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