Bank card issuance based in Zeeves crypto wallet
To develop Visa card release and use service which is connected to Zeeves wallet and based on telegram bot.
Main idea
The main idea is following: to allow people, who already have a wallet in Ziliqua blockchain, to issue physical or virtual card which can be used as Zevees wallet continuation.

In this case we did a technical part of a project. We finalized already developed telegram-bot, developed microservices, that processed currency exchange operations, and developed frontend for security bank operations (e.g. PIN change).
Project info
Timeline: 5 months
Team: 3 people
Budget: 11000$
Techologies: Node.js, C#, JS, PostgreSQl, Redis

We developed this project in weekly sprints. We had meetings twice a week. Tasks were set in jira. Documentation, that appeared during development process, was made in confluence and swagger.
The way it’s done
Telegram bot

More than 50 new screens were developed in telegram bot, which can be divided as following:
The Zeeves IT infrastructure is developed next way: the telegram bot is connected to all services of a company. That is why, besides additional screens, the external event handler was developed. For example, a webhook handler of incoming transactions or bot management from admin panel. On the bot’s side API was developed, which is used by frontend app.


Unlike telegram bot, we developed microservices from a scratch. We chose Node.js for it, because there is a lot of complete libraries on blockchain tools usage for Node.js.
The microservices we developed were fitted in already existed Zeeves infrastructure, in which some other services had been operating already.


Financial sector has quite strict legislation. That is why our client decided to cooperate with third-party card provider. As Zeeves do not store personal data, it is allowed not to go through many government inspections.

On the other hand, a need to use special widgets appeared. Those widgets were provided by third-party card provider for sensitive operations, such as:

- Payment
- PIN change
- 3d secure password change
- CVV code viewing

We finalized existed frontend by creating some new pages that had a security widget inside, which was given by card provider.
The project was done due to deadline. Right now project is on waiting-list gathering stage. At that moment there are 1500 people in waiting-list. After the project release, they’ll become first client of Zeeves. Now, Batonis is helping to improve developed project.

🎯 During working process, we were able to find and solve few security problems in a client’s system. We also developed a small useful tool to ease our work.
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