NFT generation for Zilliqa company
The task was to develop a web-application (site) with following features:
1. Generate a picture with text (user inputs text - recieves the picture).
2. If user likes the picture - release it in the form of NFT based on the blockchain of Ziliqa using Zeeves wallet.
On the user’s end the process looked as simple as possible: just describe the desired picture with a code word or phrase.
The service would offer 2 variants of images, generated based on the request. The images can be saved for future and added to user’s Zeeves wallet.
After connecting their wallet, the user is able to check their history of generated pictures and mint them by choice.
Each picture would have a unique description. If one user makes a request and saves NFT, then nobody else would be able to make the same request.
As an idea for further development we offered an auction of requests. Allow user to take some part of the picture’s description and put it up for auction.
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